You're only one donut away from a good day

"Regional Donut Authority is a singularly amazing donut experience, simple and true perfection that transcends even high expectations. - Chris Moser"


Time was when men would rise from their slumber during the wee hours of the morning and drag their butts down to the bakery where they would make the fresh donuts that are ingrained in your memory so fondly.

Well, we are sad to say that those days are long gone just like glass milk bottles on your stoop and 10 cent hamburgers. The good news is that the Regional Donut Authority is bringing hot fresh donuts back! We're talking about those slightly greasy, but crisp fried donuts that make your Grandma roll her eyes back in her head and smile.

The fry cakes that will make you the most popular person in the workplace! The large chain donut companies get their donuts from a central processing plant where they are made the day before. Our donuts are made while you wait, so you get a hot and fresh donut that literally melts in your mouth every time.

Rich and Sue were high
school sweethearts!

We started dating in 1981 and somehow, miraculously, we beat the odds and are still in love with 3 children and our dog, Buster.

The two of us have managed many large chain restaurants as well as small private restaurants and taverns.

Sue presently works for Syracuse University in the catering department.

Rich is presently running the donut stand at the Regional Farmer's Market in Syracuse and the new location of Regional Donut Authority in Ponderosa Plaza in Liverpool.

Young Love is a wonderful thing.

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